Hey lady, is this a knitting blog, or what?

25 04 2007

It hasn’t escaped me that I have yet to post about actual knitting projects. There are so many projects I’m working on, and so little time.

To name a few:

About 1 month ago I started Crusoe. Great looking socks I’m doing in a green/blue sock yarn I picked up at Yarnzilla. I am having difficulties with the heel shaping, mainly because I think the pattern is incorrect. The instructions read as follows:

Turn Heel
Note: For Sl 1, slip stitches purlwise.
Rw 1: [RS] K 13[14], ssk, k1. Turn.
Rw 2: Slp 1, p3, p2tog, p1. Turn.
Rw 3: Slp 1, k4, ssk, k1. Turn.
Rw 4: Slp 1, p5, p2tog, p1. Turn.
Rw 5: Slp 1, k6, ssk, k1. Turn.
Rw 6: Slp 1, p7, p2tog, p1. Turn.
Rw 7: Slp1, k8, ssk, k1. Turn.
Rw 8: Slp 1, p9, p2tog, p1. Turn.
Rw 9: Slp 1, k10, ssk, k1. Turn.
Rw 10: Slp 1, p11, p2tog, p1. Turn.
Rw 11: Slp 1, k12, ssk. Turn.
Rw 12: Slp 1, p12, p2tog. Turn.
Work 6[7] sts.

I realized, with a little lot of help from Jackie, that I was to knit 10 {11} on row one, not the suggested 13 {14}. However, I still end up with not enough stitches to purl on either Row 8 or 10, I can’t remember which, and decided to put this project to bed for a little while. I’m sure you’ll hear more about it in the next few weeks.

In the meantime, I’m working on several dishclothes for my mom using this yarn in various bright, bold, Florida colors. I’ll post pics once they are a) started and b) completed. I’m a little behind…

I’m also working on my first felted project. I’m knitting my mom a bag for her birthday from One Skein Wonders. Love that book. So far I’m not too sure about the size though. Once felted it could end up being more of a coin purse. I knew the yarn I was using (and forgive me for not referencing it, I cannot remember what it was called but it’s in this gorgeous brown and demin colorway.) wasn’t as chunky as the pattern called for so I increased my needles to 11. The pattern also uses two strands of yarn so I figured I was OK. We’ll see how this one turns out! Yes, I should check my gauge. I’m aware of this, people.

So my knitting the next several weeks will focus mainly on my mom’s birthday and Mother’s Day, which are only 1 day apart. I work better with deadlines.



24 04 2007

Last fall I planted tulip bulbs. A strange, strange endeavor for me since I’m not usually an outsdoorsy-hands-in-the-earth type of gal. To say the least. I knit.  I cook.  I bake.  All indoor activities.  After months of fretting over my tulips, concerned that the deer ate the bulbs or that I planted them upside-down, I arrived at our place in Chippewa Falls to this scene:


They’ll soon be tulips! Real, live, actual tulips that I grew with my own two hands and seemingly green thumbs.  Hopefully the deer will not eat the tops off. Stupid deer.

First post – don’t make fun.

23 04 2007

Can you believe it? I jumped onto the ultimate bandwagon and started my own blog. Oh my god. For some reason this terrifies me. I’m not an overly private person, by any means, so the “sharing” portion isn’t what scares me. I mean I’ll tell anyone anything. Just ask the guy sitting next to me on the plane. Any plane. I just don’t like to put myself in situations where I could potentially be made fun of. How lame is that? (This is why I don’t dance, people. Yet I will sing embarrassing amounts of karaoke until 2 am. I don’t get it either.) I like second opinions, rough drafts, and spell check. I need validation. Instantly. Wonder if no one reads this? Or worse, wonder if they do?

I should start with an introduction. My name is Tracey. I’m a 30-something aspiring knitter living in St. Paul, MN with my future husband, future step-daughter and two dogs. We have a lot going on this year. We’re building a house in Eagan, MN which will be competed mid-late September. I cannot tell you how excited this makes me. Some additional exciting (and should probably precede the new house but I’m going chronologically) news is that we’re getting married here on Oct. 20, and then having a reception here on Oct. 27. That doesn’t leave a lot of time for knitting, does it?

I recently got back into knitting and am completely obsessed this time around. I think the internet feeds that. There are so many knitters out there. And so many of you have blogs. If it hadn’t been for that community I don’t think you’d be reading this today. Actually, I know you wouldn’t. I want to be a part of that community. You’ll have me, won’t you?